A low level Midnight campaign set in the Eastern Hills district of central Erenland.

The central plains of Erenland are often passed over, by the orcs and legates but also by those looking to resist the occupation. And arguably no district in the central plains more so than the Eastern Hills. The site of no major battles, home to no famous cities, and hosting no well know resistance movements, it is often forgotten.

To be forgotten by the forces of Izrador is normally a good thing, but still life has not been easy. The Eastern Hills is home to most of the few remaining nomadic halflings, and has been the site of some of the most brutal crimes against them. The increasingly erratic climate has wrecked havoc on the agriculturally based Erenlander settlements. As the summers get hotter, the winters colder, it becomes more and more difficult to grow enough food to feed their families and still pay the food quotas that are demanded by the local minions of the Shadow. As the war against the dwarves in the nearby Kaladrun Mountains continues to intensify, more and more orc armies pass through this area requiring larger permanent garrisons to protect the supply lines.

And now, in the once fertile Erimere Province of the Eastern Hills even the land itself seems to have fallen to the Shadow. For the past few months the soil has become more and more drained of life. If it continues as it is, soon no crops will be able to grow. For the farmers of the land who are already pushed to their limit, even one bad harvest could mean the starvation of thousands.

The Eastern Hills